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Synchronicity of Body and Mind = Success in Life

Balance is so prevalent that it is the essence of ideal health. Research confirms that health is a direct result of regular, repeated cycles of balanced physical, psychological, and emotional stress and recovery. Health is dynamic, not static! It’s a measure of flexibility, responsiveness, strength, and resiliency.

Medical practitioners can no longer ignore the impact of stress and inappropriate emotional responses on health.  The results can be increased susceptibility to heart disease, cancer, and a host of immune system disorders.

Fortunately, there is overwhelming evidence that people can achieve immunologic toughening and, beyond it, optimal health.  This is possible by applying the same approaches that elevate world-class athletes to their Ideal Performance State.  Establishing the proper internal climate is the key to “toughness.”  That climate is called the Ideal Performance State.  When present, it enables individuals to perform toward the upper end of their talent and skill, to withstand great strain without breaking, and to remain unyielding under adverse circumstances.  The Ideal Performance State can be controlled.  Balance, perspective, positive energy, confidence under pressure, and passion for life are just some benefits.

Life operates on a rhythmic pattern: the body’s circadian rhythms, the ebb and flow of the tides, and the seasonal cycles.  To foster personal development, it is crucial to maintain a harmonious balance between stress and recovery.  No stress, no growth!  No recovery, no growth! At some point, we all need to learn how to create balanced cycles of stress and recovery in areas such as drive, motivation, achievement, self-esteem, and even personal happiness. This is the path to enhanced resilience and productivity.

Steve Morgan is the Director of Maximum Athletic Performance (MAP) in Lansing, MI. He can be reached @ 517.944.5100 or by email:

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