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Steve Morgan


Steve Morgan
1995 Michigan State University Volleyball Final Four Team

SINCE 1993...


Steve Morgan brings over 30 years of experience in the personal training and sports industry. Originally from Lansing, MI, Steve has a BS in Exercise Science and Communications from Michigan State University, where he pitched for the Spartan baseball team. With his background in high-level athletics, Steve has enjoyed the practical experience of training top professional and top-tier world-class athletes. 

In addition to being the founder and operator of Maximum Athletic Performance, Steve was an educator for Life Fitness International and CEO/ Founder of Maletix, LLC. Steve has conducted workshops in 36 countries on strength and conditioning, exercise physiology, and health club management. 1998 as the Senior Consultant for ProStar Technology, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Morgan developed feasibility and market studies for new projects in Africa and the Middle East. In March 2000, Steve entered into the first of the three agreements with Life Fitness, the world's largest commercial manufacturer of exercise equipment. The agreements gave Steve exclusive rights to conduct workshops and seminars for LifeFitness Academy (LFA), the educational training arm of LifeFitness, in the following territories. 

- LifeFtness Atlantic: Africa, Cyprus, Europe, Greece, the Middle East

- LifeFitness Asia Pacific: Asia, Australia, New Zealand

- LifeFitness Latin America: The Caribbean, Puerto Rico, South America

After conducting over 60 workshops and seminars in 40 countries, our studies indicated that the UAE health club market had tremendous potential because of the country's exploding population, real estate, development, and technological advancements. In December 2000, Steve collaborated with World Class International (WCI) to directly manage and operate three facilities in Sweden and one in Bucharest, Romania. Steve was also responsible for linking the franchise through computer networking and creating standards for systems and policies for 33 health clubs throughout Europe, Scandinavia, and Russia. 

Steve's key areas of expertise include strength periodization, core training, plyometrics, and specialized adaptive training. He has experience training professional hockey, basketball, volleyball, football players, and Olympic athletes. He was Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Michigan State volleyball, Grand Valley State's men's and women's basketball teams, and Aquinas College women's basketball team. ​

Steve Morgan - pitcher at Michigan State University

 “This all just started as a business deal, I give you money and you make me strong.  That was the deal, but no you had to go above and beyond.  Every athletic trainer knows how to make someone strong, but I have never in my life met someone that turns a potentially great athlete into an unstoppable one.  What makes you so different from EVERYONE is your inability to step down.  You don’t accept athletes who make excuses or coaches or parents for that matter.  You find mentally strong people and literally harden their minds to where there is just no other way than to just do it.  That may be the best lesson I have learned from you, is just get it done.  Thanks for making me so mentally tough and helping me be my absolute best at Michigan State University.”  

Annalise Pickrel
~ Strength & Conditioning Coach at Michigan State University

~ Professional basketball player in Australia & Russia

~ Member of 2 Big Ten Championship Teams at MSU

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