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Where theory Becomes reality

Maximum Athletic Performance was created in 1993 by founder and CEO Steve Morgan.  MAP has trained athletes at the highest level in their sport for 30 years.  MAP offers extensive wellness and fitness programs specifically designed for each individual person.  Our comprehensive approach to human movement will increase flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular endurance.  



Personal Training/ Sport specific training for athletes of all levels

  • MAP Plyometric basics

  • MAP rotator cuff basic anatomy system

  • MAP core basic anatomy system

  • MAP strength & conditioning base

  • Onboarding 101 Nutritional Course/ segment 1 completion


Athletes graduate to MAP Plus once they prove to have a basic understanding of the MAP system and complete the levels of MAP Base testing.  In MAP Plus, athletes work in small groups, continuing to target their individual athletic goals.  MAP Plus provides accountability, camaraderie, and it's a great compliment to individual training: maximizing power and speed, with an emphasis on injury prevention.  


MAP Peak athletes have completed MAP Base training and demonstrate advanced mastery at the MAP Plus level.  MAP Peak athletes consistently use proper mechanics in training.  MAP Peak athletes continue to be guided and supervised by MAP trainers in a controlled training environment.  

MAP Training Phases

Training at Strengthio
Sport Specific Training

Map locations

Conqest fitness

13575 S. Airport Rd. 

Lansing, MI  48906-9101

Grand Rapids
Strengthio fitness

342 Market

Grand Rapids, MI


 “Steve made me stronger physically, mentally, and gave me a better understanding on life.  All he asked of me was to work hard, take training serious

and to be mentally tough.”

Denzel Valentine

NCAA D1 Basketball Player of the Year

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