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boosting performance with proper hydration

Hydration is crucial!

There are numerous benefits to staying hydrated:

●  Reduces fatigue

●  Prevents light headedness onset

●  Reduces the chance of muscle cramps

●  Keeps body from overheating (this is

extremely crucial in hot weather)

●  Increases mood and focus

Signs of dehydration​:

●  Thirst

●  Early fatigue

●  Exercise seems more difficult

●  Dizziness

●  Weakness

●  Color of urine in the morning

Light (like lemonade) = Adequate

Dark (like Apple Juice) = Dehydrated

Factors that influence dehydration/water loss:

●  Increased temperatures

●  Body Size

Larger people sweat more

  • Gender

o Men sweat more than women

● Fitness Level

o More fit people sweat more

● Caffeine consumption

o Accelerates dehydration rate

Fluid loss during a training session:

●  Weigh-in before and after training

●  drink 16oz of water for every pound lost

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